Team Members

鄧橋 Joe, Teng
General Manager

Joe comes from a renowned family who have pioneered the animation industry in Taiwan.
Following his family legacy, he has become well respected animation producer who also bears the future of the Taiwanese animation.

許利瑋 Lee, Hsu
Vice President

Lee has worked on many well-known US based and European based animation projects as a producer. He is also involved in founding many Taiwanese animation studios.

林士勛 Juet, Lin
總管理處 – 總經理
General Management Office – General Manager

Juet has been specializing in corporate analysis and securities investment for a long time. He has published many interviews and reports on individual stocks of cultural, creative and game-related companies and issued investment evaluation suggestions. He assists Nada to analyze and evaluate IP investment and recovery.

楊國祥 Gary, Yang
內容事業群 – 總經理
Contents Division – General Manager
翔英融創股份有限公司 – 總經理
Shoei Contents Corporation – General Manager

Gary has been working on Anime content acquisition and licensing business for years and has established a deep trusting relationship with the clients in Japan. Plus the experience of operating the Japanese production committees, he will help Taiwan’s original content to excel in the global market.

三木 裕明 Hiroaki, Miki
Senior Producer

Miki-san is a producer who is responsible for many famous and successful games such as “Dragon Quest of the Stars” and “Katana Maidens: Toji No Miko”.
He is also a movies producer who has produced many beautiful films such as “Heavenly Forest” and “Ghost: Mouichido Dakishimetai”

有元 佐康 Sukeyasu, Arimoto
Senior Producer

Ari-san is a producer who has produced many worldwide hit games such as “Final Fantasy Type-0” and “SWORD ART ONLINE”.
He is also a producer of a very famous TV animation, “Transformers Power of the Primes”.

About the Nada Holdings

Founded in October 2015, specializing in the investment of Animation and Manga IPs, Intellectual Property licensing, and producing management. Ever since then, we have successfully formed production committees with many leading Japanese companies, establishing strong, long-lasting business relationships.

Our Partners


We’ve developed and established a strong relationship with many renowned entertainment related Japanese enterprises.

Investment Projects


We’ve formed and invested many successful animation production committees and will continually seek new projects to invest.



We work with many leading TV stations, streaming service providers, publishing companies, game companies, licensing agencies and the like to form a powerful network to maximize the value of IP’s.